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  • Lilacs and other loves lately...

  • This time of year is one of my favourites.  It's lilac season.  Their scent is .... perfect.  It also reminds me of having tea parties with my Nana in her back yard.  The lilac bush in her yard was GIGANTIC. I fill the rooms in our house with fresh bundles every couple of days until they sadly decide it's time to go for another year. Having them in the bathroom is the best kind of 'natur[...]
  • Ooops...I did it again:)

  • Ooops...I did it again. I painted something. It was an impromptu project. On Saturday I did two things clearly marking it as Spring...I turned off the furnace and I changed the doors over from glass to screen. Except halfway through I decided the back door was ugly and should be painted. So I painted it. And it looks SOOO much better! ps. It's the same heavy duty black flooring pai[...]