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  • Money Pit Adventures

  • Have you thought to yourself, "where TF is Heather? I wonder what DIY projects she's up to...". Well, this ain't no DIY people. No no. For this BIG project we called in the big guns. Yes, our Money Pit is getting some serious love. Serious serious love. Built in 1898, not all of the stewards of this beautiful home have treated it with as much care as we have. There have been shortcuts.[...]
  • I might get eaten in my attic!

  • I need to put on my big girl panties.  Strap one on.  Man up.  Dig deep.  Be brave.  I need to go into the attic. So here's the deal...I was putting on a sweatshirt the other day and as my head when up through the neck hole I looked up at our bedroom ceiling.  This is what I saw. It's always 'kinda' been like that, but I feel like it's worse.  You can see there was a patch job done on an[...]