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  • How to make pillows from old sweaters

  • Remember the awesome Christmas pillows? (see full post here) Well, I made some more.  This time for fall:) Yet again, it was a trip to Value Village to find four sweaters that worked well together.  Then I picked up some complimenting yarn, little decorations, and the stuffing at Michael's. Making a straight line from armpit to armpit, I cut the 'tops' off each sweater. The nex[...]
  • Fiestaware inspired bar stools

  • From boring bar stools to a fabulous FIESTA! This project combined my love of many things: spray paint, new to me treasures from the #ReStore, my staple gun, and Fiestaware. Such a great combination! I make a point of stopping in at my local ReStore on a regular basis.  You never know what you'll find, and I have a long mental list of things I could easily pick up.  One such item on my list [...]
  • How to paint your floors w @ParaPaints

  • Oh those purple floors.  So fabulous.  And honestly, very easy to do.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry! I put one of the dog gates at the door to stop the dogs...oh who I am kidding, ME! I was stopping myself from going in too soon! I love putting check marks beside things, getting 'er done as they say.  So I stood at that gate like a depressed pooch and just 'dressed' the room in my mi[...]
  • DIY Den: The BIG Reveal! with @ParaPaints

  • Three cheers for paint! Seriously.  It's amazing what paint can do to transform a space.  Going from boring beige walls and a brown (and chipped) floor, to fresh barely pink walls, fresh white trim, and those supercalifragilisticexpialidocious purple floors just make ALL the difference. Other than being a long project, it was rather simple and done very much on the cheap frugal.  Let's just rem[...]