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  • Giving old halloween decor new life with spray paint

  • Three cheers for spray paint! Seriously. Ever since I spray painted a turquoise pair of high top converse orange with spray paint in grade four I've been in love. I mean, it's almost magical. It was THIS...and now it's THAT. It was ugly orange and way too 'halloween' for my more 'Harvest' style decor, and now it's pretty and copper. Magical I tell you. Two of the fun items used to decora[...]
  • Fall Mantle & Witchy Table Centrepiece

  • Maybe it's just me, but I feel like summer never really got here this year...which is why I'm sad to let it go. So this for our fall mantle, I snuck a little summer in with the late season hydrangeas. Last year I LOVED having the witch hat above the mantle, but decided to try something else out this year and put it on the table. And so far so good. It's serves as a nice anchor to the other[...]