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  • Powder Room Makeover Plans

  • The main floor powder room is headed for a makeover! It's been a little over four years since I ripped out the ugly brown painted textured wallpaper and gave the room it's first makeover. So naturally, it's time for another:) This room gets used a lot. Not just by us (supervised of course by the dogs), but by guests at dinner parties. And it's also a room I like to decorate at Christmas and[...]
  • Vintage addition to main floor powder room

  • We were recently given what the generous gift giver thought was an antique bicycle pump. After some research online, I discovered it was a vintage garden sprayer. My guess is that you would connect a hose from your water basin and then pump the water out through the holes at the end. Kind of a like an old school super soaker. We both think it's quite lovely looking and so I put my brain to figu[...]