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  • Powder Room Makeover Plans

  • The main floor powder room is headed for a makeover! It's been a little over four years since I ripped out the ugly brown painted textured wallpaper and gave the room it's first makeover. So naturally, it's time for another:) This room gets used a lot. Not just by us (supervised of course by the dogs), but by guests at dinner parties. And it's also a room I like to decorate at Christmas and[...]
  • Guest Room Update: The Sequel

  • Yes. It's happening again.  The guest room is getting a makeover.  It was one of the first rooms I tackled when we moved in here, and a few years later was one of the very first blog posts I wrote. Let's take a look back at where we started before the first makeover. Super freakin' UGO! I mean, that wallpaper could induce vomiting.  Which I nearly did scraping all that off the walls. [...]
  • Gorgeous green chairs with @ParaPaints

  • I might have a problem.  I re-painted our dining room chairs....literally one year to the day after the last time. *she smiles a big toothy grin* That problem? I'm totally okay with it.  Because the chairs look fabulous....again! I loved their first incarnation, I loved their second, and this third is perfection. The fabulous fret fabric from Tonic Living really POPS against the deep [...]