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  • Life outside the perfect @Instagram photo

  • So a thought occurred to me the other day as I was moving stuff from my kitchen/dining room into the living room. Before I get to the thought though, let me list out the things I moved: two bicycles bread, bagels, and a baguette a basket of cycling accessories three pairs of shoes one pair of rubber boots laundry detergent a laundry basket two dining room chairs my purse[...]
  • The Boys

  • If you know me IRL, you will know where this post is headed. "The Boys" as they are known, are our two dogs, Hermann-Maier and Eddie-Vedder. Both named after greatness. If you don't know who one or either are, google them - it will only help your next game of Trivial Pursuit. To say we have hundreds of photos of the boys would make me a liar. We have thousands. I kid you not. Ah, the beau[...]