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  • Giving old halloween decor new life with spray paint

  • Three cheers for spray paint! Seriously. Ever since I spray painted a turquoise pair of high top converse orange with spray paint in grade four I've been in love. I mean, it's almost magical. It was THIS...and now it's THAT. It was ugly orange and way too 'halloween' for my more 'Harvest' style decor, and now it's pretty and copper. Magical I tell you. Two of the fun items used to decora[...]
  • Vintage Inspired DIY Vinyl Office Sign #12MonthsOfDIY

  • It's been a full year now working in my home office slash DIY den and I am so in love with the space. It functions brilliantly for both. The light bright space makes is very conducive for my work and for my play, helps with better quality photos and gives me some room to make a mess if the project requires it:) And when it came to my very first project for #12MonthsOfDIY I instantly knew what[...]
  • How to paint & upholster a bench or ottoman

  • I am just tickled pink with how well this project turned out.  And it took me less than an hour. No joke.  Granted there was time waiting for paint to dry, which as you know....is like waiting for paint to dry.  But otherwise, it was a super simple project with awesome results. All you need is an old bench or ottoman, some spray paint, a staple gun, fabric, and quilt batting. Here's the benc[...]
  • How to paint your floors w @ParaPaints

  • Oh those purple floors.  So fabulous.  And honestly, very easy to do.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry! I put one of the dog gates at the door to stop the dogs...oh who I am kidding, ME! I was stopping myself from going in too soon! I love putting check marks beside things, getting 'er done as they say.  So I stood at that gate like a depressed pooch and just 'dressed' the room in my mi[...]