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  • Entrepreneur Barbie's Home Office

  • My home office has gone through some great changes recently. Yes, it was pretty fabulous...but honestly too cluttered. Just look how much stuff was in there! (and how much hair I've got!) Read all about the office transformation the first time around & see all the 'before' photos >> here The desk was too big and really didn't work well (I got that desk in grade 6!) and I wasn't[...]
  • How to paint your floors w @ParaPaints

  • Oh those purple floors.  So fabulous.  And honestly, very easy to do.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry! I put one of the dog gates at the door to stop the dogs...oh who I am kidding, ME! I was stopping myself from going in too soon! I love putting check marks beside things, getting 'er done as they say.  So I stood at that gate like a depressed pooch and just 'dressed' the room in my mi[...]
  • Beautiful blue door & home office update

  •   Do you ever wake up and decide to immediately change something in your home? I do. All the time. This happened last Saturday when I painted DH's office door blue. A beautiful blue. It looks ah-mazing! Such a simple task with dramatic results. I sanded the door down, cleaned it, gave it two good coats of paint, and BOOM fabulous. Another thing I tend to do is move furniture [...]
  • DIY Diva Den: the project begins

  • It's begun! I cleared out all the furniture, books, random stuff, and clutter from the smallest of our four bedrooms...and the project has begun. The room, previously just a cluttered holding ground for 'things' is soon going to be my DIY Diva Den. I like alliteration. The list of projects to do before the room is complete is this: - Find lamp shades for super awesome lamps found at [...]