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  • Giving old halloween decor new life with spray paint

  • Three cheers for spray paint! Seriously. Ever since I spray painted a turquoise pair of high top converse orange with spray paint in grade four I've been in love. I mean, it's almost magical. It was THIS...and now it's THAT. It was ugly orange and way too 'halloween' for my more 'Harvest' style decor, and now it's pretty and copper. Magical I tell you. Two of the fun items used to decora[...]
  • DIY Faux Floral Art

  • Did the words "faux floral" stop you in your tracks? Are you wondering if I've gone bonkers? Well good news. I'm not (officially) bonkers and I'm super glad I stopped you in your tracks. Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90's fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets. So you can bet when I heard [...]
  • A bright white kitchen reveal with @PARAPaints

  • Yes. I painted my kitchen AGAIN.  Don't judge me.  Here's the thing....I loved that bright yellow.  I really did.  But it didn't love me.  Or the cupboards.  Or the counter tops. It's a glorious bright, cheery colour.  It's not the paint's fault.  It's mine.  When I picked the colour, I had delusions of grandeur.  If you know me, this shouldn't come as a surprise.  Anyhoo....I picked the colour[...]