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  • Simple Summer Entertaining, Fiesta-style w/ @ElectroluxCAN

  • My head hurts just a wee bit, but I'm smiling ear to ear from a great visit with great friends on Friday night.  DH and I hosted a dinner party of 14, and boy was it a FIESTA! It was the perfect summer evening and we were able to eat outside, which was heavenly. (I would like to thank my DH for posting this pic to his Instagram. For the record, I am not picking my nose. Seinfeld fans ... #no[...]
  • Fiestaware inspired bar stools

  • From boring bar stools to a fabulous FIESTA! This project combined my love of many things: spray paint, new to me treasures from the #ReStore, my staple gun, and Fiestaware. Such a great combination! I make a point of stopping in at my local ReStore on a regular basis.  You never know what you'll find, and I have a long mental list of things I could easily pick up.  One such item on my list [...]
  • Fiestaware obsessed

  • I have an obsession with dishes. This may be putting it mildly. There is more than one complete set in our house, and I'm guessing I have enough plates to serve 70 people+. So, yes, a mild obsession. Other people get to stock their cupboards with sippy cups, I get the fun stuff:) Some of my favourites are my Fiestaware. It's the bright colours, the way they mix and match, the way a [...]