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  • Spicy Thai Peanut 'Zoodles'

  • I treated myself to a hand held spiralizer last week, and I think I'm in love.  I bought the OXO Good Grips one and it's delightful.  Easy to use and easy to clean. This little gadget is so fun that I've become obsessed with making this super easy noodle dish for my lunch.  It's spicy, tasty, and takes under ten minutes to make from the moment you open the fridge until you sit down. I've[...]
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • You know when you find a meal that is not only super tasty but also super easy to put on the table? I know....I know, they are few and far between.  Or at least, I make it a few times and then I get bored.  Or the awesome-factor of the food wanes and it's no longer a super great meal it's just food.  Food is fine, but I prefer to pat my belly when I'm done and say, "mmmm, that was gooooood." We[...]
  • Perfect Jalapeño Poppers

  • I love spice. So when I see the perfect jalapeños for making poppers, I scoop them up! Which is what happened yesterday. All you need are jalapeños, cream cheese (I used the new PC Greek Yogurt one - and loved it!), shredded cheese, panko, green onions, an egg, and some paprika. After cutting and seeding the jalapeños, fill them with a mixture of cream cheese, shredded cheese, and sliced gr[...]