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  • It's easy being green in 2017

  • One of my all time favourite colours from the Crayola marker set is 'Kelly Green'. This colour is such a happy colour. My Nana, a proud Irish lady, had many outfits made entirely of this colour: top, skirt, sweater, shoes, jewels, the whole enchilada. It's the colour we added as the surprise POP behind the door in our recent powder room makeover. And just like when I liked Ala[...]
  • Fiestaware inspired bar stools

  • From boring bar stools to a fabulous FIESTA! This project combined my love of many things: spray paint, new to me treasures from the #ReStore, my staple gun, and Fiestaware. Such a great combination! I make a point of stopping in at my local ReStore on a regular basis.  You never know what you'll find, and I have a long mental list of things I could easily pick up.  One such item on my list [...]