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  • DIY Faux Floral Art

  • Did the words "faux floral" stop you in your tracks? Are you wondering if I've gone bonkers? Well good news. I'm not (officially) bonkers and I'm super glad I stopped you in your tracks. Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90's fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets. So you can bet when I heard [...]
  • Easy Art for Animal Lovers

  • If you've read more than two of my posts you'll likely know two things about me, 1) I super love my dogs, and 2) I also super love bright bold colours. So when my little sister, aka Dr. Jenn from Minden Animal Hospital, asked if I would help out and make some art for her clinic, I jumped at the chance. Why? It allowed me to combine THREE things I love, dogs, painting, and painting with bright bo[...]