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  • my dirty little secret...

  • When people say, "you've got such a beautiful home!" I smile, say thank you, and frankly...agree - I love our home, and it is beautiful (to me, which is what counts right?). But I have a bit of secret.... On most normal days there are dozens of dog toys strewn about (I picked up five in the kitchen alone this morning...), the chairs in the dining room and the stools in the kitchen are servin[...]
  • Fabulous Fall Photos

  • my view from the saddle on an evening hike with my boys my boys:) I love this shot! The fog that morning was beautiful. Every Thanksgiving weekend Fall Fair comes to our town. Cotton candy while on the Ferris wheel is pretty much non-negotiable for me:) Ummm...this isn't so much about the quality of the photo, but more the fact that Fall means #PSL...and that's awesome.