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  • Back Porch Makeover: Adventures of Tom & Shelley

  • Total confession: I am officially addicted to building things. Yup, no surprise really but my new Ryobi miter saw is simply the bees knees. Hello. My name is Heather and I'm addicted to cutting wood. Much better than cheese amiright!? Yes, thanks to the handy dandy power of the miter saw we were able to complete one of the many projects on the long list planned for our adventures. [...]
  • The Adventures of Tom & Shelley: Our to-do list

  • I love lists. Making a list is equally as rewarding as crossing things off said list. Especially when they're fun projects. Don't tell DH, 'cus I think he thinks these projects are less exciting for me because I don't have free reign. Which is ALSO, what I think HE thinks. That I don't have free reign to do whatever on these projects. That I somehow will not get my way and his 'design' influ[...]
  • The Adventures of Tom & Shelley: Meet DH

  • Drum roll please..... After four long years it's time for you to get to know DH. Isn't he dreamy?! #luckygirl Let's start with the basics - as in, his real name is actually handsome Brian. I call him Bri most of the time. Just like he calls me Heath. We're Bri & Heath. Yes, we're that annoying. Here' us at our wedding almost 13 years ago. When he's not busy telling [...]