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  • DIY Sunglasses Storage & Display Organizer #12MonthsofDIY

  • Take a look at this drawer and tell me you don't one have one exactly like it in your house. We all do. Ours is in the kitchen. Yours might be there too. Even if it's not though, you know where it is. And just thinking about it is making your cringe, isn't it? Don't fret my friends. I am here to help. That drawer is now empty. All thanks to my handy dandy DIY Sunglasses storage [...]
  • DIY Faux Floral Art

  • Did the words "faux floral" stop you in your tracks? Are you wondering if I've gone bonkers? Well good news. I'm not (officially) bonkers and I'm super glad I stopped you in your tracks. Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90's fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets. So you can bet when I heard [...]
  • Vintage Inspired DIY Vinyl Office Sign #12MonthsOfDIY

  • It's been a full year now working in my home office slash DIY den and I am so in love with the space. It functions brilliantly for both. The light bright space makes is very conducive for my work and for my play, helps with better quality photos and gives me some room to make a mess if the project requires it:) And when it came to my very first project for #12MonthsOfDIY I instantly knew what[...]
  • Exciting News!: #12MonthsofDIY

  • I know I get excited easily, but seriously guys...this is really EXCITING! Starting next month I'll be joining eleven other Canadian bloggers in the fun of #12MonthsofDIY. What is #12MonthsofDIY you ask? Well, it's a creative challenge where 12 Canadian bloggers use the same material each month to create a super awesome DIY home decor or craft project. Fun huh!? I am just tickled pink to [...]