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  • If you want to be original, get Uncommon

  • I've always enjoyed being unique, special, different. I remember when kids teased me and called me weird when I was little my dad would tell me, "you're not weird, you're individual!" And that individuality is what makes me, ME. Which leads me to today's very exciting delivery. My custom GetUncommon iPhone case. I FLIPPIN' LOVE IT! Yes, all caps..I am indeed yelling. I've order[...]
  • Current Obsessions

  • It must be because Spring is in the air, but I’m loving big salads. Like Elaine. We cooked a nice big flank steak for dinner earlier this week, and it gave us both lunch for two days. I made this salad both days. Both days it was awesome. I am now plotting this weeks meal plan in order to do it again. See. Doesn’t it look yummy?! h Another current obsession for this week/weekend is this song by [...]
  • A little bit about me

  • My name is Heather. I like heels, dressing up, sweatpants, my rubber boots, getting my hair done, doing DIY projects, cooking, eating, taking photos, and painting. I am woman of many talents and interests. This list doesn’t even begin to cover it. This blog may, it may not. I think of my barbecue as an extension of my kitchen. Note the MY. By day I work in Public Relations. I have[...]