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  • Antiquing Fun & a Fabulous Find

  • I have been on the hunt for a vintage apple picking ladder (at a reasonable price) for a few years now. And last Sunday, it was found:) A delightful, but cold, Sunday morning was spent at the Aberfoyle Antique Market with some of my favourite ladies. Amazing to think we met just a year ago! How pleased am I driving home with this fab find!? The ladder now sits proudly against the [...]
  • Rayne Whole Food Dog Treat Review & Giveaway

  • It's been over four months now we've fed our boys exclusively Rayne Whole Food and I am still shocked at the massive improvement we've seen in Hermann's health and general demeanour. Both boys have noticeably softer coats, their stool is solid and healthy, and for Hermann - all skin issues have gone. All. GONE. And he's dropped close to 15 pounds! (does Rayne make a dog-mom formula I wonder? LO[...]
  • Rayne Whole Food: why I'm #LovingRayne & so are the dogs!

  • I will fully admit to be an active pet-parent. (Ten bucks says there are family and friends reading this, saying "Active! She's a down-right crazy dog lady!") Our boys are family, not simply dogs. So when it comes to their well-being the best is what we strive for. We have always fed the boys high quality dog food, looking for the least processed and 'natural' dog-diet. Hermann, our olde[...]