Entrepreneur Barbie’s Home Office

My home office has gone through some great changes recently. Yes, it was pretty fabulous…but honestly too cluttered. Just look how much stuff was in there! (and how much hair I’ve got!)

Read all about the office transformation the first time around & see all the ‘before’ photos >> here

The desk was too big and really didn’t work well (I got that desk in grade 6!) and I wasn’t a big fan of facing the wall while I worked. So out went the desk and in came a new smaller one. I also removed one of the storage squares and the makeshift table top. Previously I had been using that as my painting ‘easel’, but a few months ago I scored a vintage easel and now use it (and love it) so didn’t need the extra work space. So without further ado….

Come on in to the new and improved DIY Den aka Entrepreneur Barbie’s Dream Home Office

welcome beautiful home office pink purple dog house plants

Really the entire room layout was ‘designed’ around Eddie-Vedder’s favourite perch, the lovely settee. You think I kid. I do not. It actually looks lovely against the back wall, but he likes it by the window…so.

Eddie the griff in his home office pink white gold purple

I’ve tucked the storage behind the door and have the easel set up in the opposite corner, but love being able to move it anywhere in (or out!) of the house.

The re-worked and less cluttered room also gave me the opportunity to display some recent vintage finds (three lovely paintings in frames) and also gave Entrepreneur Barbie the ultimate place to serve as office mascot. (I’ve spoken of my love for Barbie > here)

On the desk I ended up slapping some leftover faux marble adhesive leftover from this awesome Ikea hack I did for my mom.

Entrepreneur Barbie on display in her dream home office heather in heels

Yes, I too am kind of ‘over’ gallery walls. But honestly, can you ever really be over a well designed collection of beautiful things? A good gallery wall (which this is…yes, I’m high five-ing myself) never really goes out of style.

What do think? A home office fit for Barbie? I sure think so.



  1. by Lidia on May 4, 2018  2:39 pm Reply

    This is fabulous Heather! I'd work in that office in a heartbeat!!

    • by Heather on May 9, 2018  8:15 am Reply

      Thanks so much Lidia:)

  2. by Karen Dowejko on May 4, 2018  2:49 pm Reply

    LOVE the office remodel AND the shelving unit you did for my dear friend, Irene. The whole display is fabulous in her new digs. Looks like a million bucks. Kudos, Heather.
    Karen in Rochester, NY

    • by Heather on May 9, 2018  8:16 am Reply

      Thanks Karen!:)

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