Where the ‘frock’ did 20 years go?

So a few weeks ago it was my 20 year high school reunion.


I know right?!

Where on earth did 20 years go?! Oh I know. University, life, jobs, houses, a decade trying for a baby…you know, the usual.

Here’s the thing though…. I’m one lucky gal because all my besties from high school are still my besties. We see each other on the regular and used this fun night as extra special excuse to get dressed up and head out on the town.

What also made the evening extra special was being to tell my favourite English teacher, Mrs. Karen Fabian, that I write for a living because of HER! She inspired me, mentored me, and helped build my love of writing, words, and telling stories. So that was pretty cool.

We rented out the Rent Frock Repeat studio and had it all to ourselves. We took in wine, sushi, and gabbing girls and all left with fab frocks to rock our reunion.

My frock was actually a jumper and it was the FUNNEST DRESS EVER!

We had SUCH a great time together.

Thanks, as always, to RfR for being simply the best closet/friend a girl can ask for. I love their service and can’t wait for the next frock I get to rock in September for a friend’s wedding!