Money Pit Adventures

Have you thought to yourself, “where TF is Heather? I wonder what DIY projects she’s up to…”. Well, this ain’t no DIY people. No no. For this BIG project we called in the big guns.

Yes, our Money Pit is getting some serious love. Serious serious love.

Built in 1898, not all of the stewards of this beautiful home have treated it with as much care as we have. There have been shortcuts. And so being my father’s daughter and having been taught if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right, we are of course doing it right.

This house will stand for the next hundred years because of us and I am very proud of that fact. We are stewards of history and the beauty of this home will continue long beyond us.

So what are we up to? Well two old crumbling layers of roofing shingles have been removed, all new plywood has been affixed, and a brand new roof installed. We worked with local roofer Findlay Roofing and I cannot say enough about the quality and workmanship of the entire team. Professional and efficient, they did a spectacular job and I would highly recommend them.

Previous owners had been too cheap or too careless to remove previous layers, which meant the roof was sagging and pulling on the support beams. This was not good. So we did it right and now the roof is totally flat, straight, and water tight. It’s a roofing miracle! No, actually – it’s just a job done right.

The exterior of the house is stucco. Underneath that stucco is plaster and lath, and no insulation. The stucco was crumbling and there had been previous patch jobs done over the years (not by us – we don’t patch we fix). Once the old stucco, plaster and lath were removed we discovered those patch jobs had covered up some water damage on a corner of the house. WTF!? (which explains the bead board in both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms – they used that cover up the shitty repair job they did from the inside of the house, rather than doing it right and fixing it from the outside….), but I digress.

Naturally, we’re fixing it. The wood that has been damaged is was taken out, new wood put in and this week insulation and new stucco. I can literally hear this house heave with relief as her bones get strengthened, she is a happy housie and I only wish her walls could talk. I bet she’d say thank you and kiss us.

As one of the original homes in this lovely town we call home, we take pride in seeing it repaired properly so it can continue being part of the town’s history well into the future.

As I type I can see two men outside my den window working away on the installation, everything is vibrating from all the banging, and there is a nice thick layer of dust on every single surface of the home. No picture, mirror, or canvas is straight, but it is all worth it knowing what the light of the end of the tunnel will be – a solid, happy house ready for the next century of life.

As it stands right now (pun intended), the entire house is blue. Electric blue! This is the water proofing barrier that was applied to the new plywood. Today insulation goes on top of that, then the stucco. I can’t wait to share once all of that is done.

Phewf! So, that’s what I’ve been up:)

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