Book Review: The Enemies of Versailles by Sally Christie

book review of Sally Christie's Enemies of Versailles

This book, the third and final installment in Sally Christie’s Mistresses of Versailles Trilogy, was a great read!

I sat down with it on a cold Saturday with a pot of tea and a fire and promptly read the first 200 or so pages and the following day, the rest. (It was helpful to also have a bad cough/cold, requiring serious couch time allowing me to indulge my book worm.)

Where the first book introduces us to a young Louis XV and the first of his mistresses, and the second brings us the amazing Pompadour, the third book tells the story of his final mistress, the Comtesse du Barry.

The book takes place during Louis XV’s final years and ends with the French Revolution. The author, Sally Christie, beautifully weaves the stories of the Comtesse, her court rivals (the King’s daughters) together with the changes France sees ultimately ending in the collapse of French monarchy.

Knowing of course that the end will be really be THE END for the monarchy, it was a very neat way to have the story told and see the slow demise of this historic royal family.

Just like the other books I was totally fascinated by the daily life at court and outside court, the minutia of the women’s lives and how little they controlled of it, and how much they thought they controlled. In light of more recent conversations around feminism and what that means, looking back on women like those at Versailles has given me even more food for thought.

If you followed my lead and read the first two books, you won’t regret finishing out the series with this third wonderful installment.

Happy reading!

The Enemies of Versailles by Sally Christie is published by Simon and Schuster Canada and is available everywhere March 21, 2017.

Disclosure: Being a Simon & Schuster Advance Reader means I receive uncorrected advance reader proof copies of books every so often. And every so often I really enjoy one of those books, so I decide to write a review post. I’m not asked to do so, and I don’t get paid. I do it because we should all read more:)…and it’s my website and I can do what I want:)

ALSO – I get way more books than I review – which is why I online review the ones I loved.

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