Winter Fun for Everyone!

When we lived in the city I really wasn’t very fond of winters. Winter meant even worse driving or commuting conditions, gross grey frozen dirt/snow banks, and lots of hibernating. The only fun winter brought came when we left the city and headed skiing or up to our cottage where we could really enjoy the great outdoors.

Now, living in the country where the snow stays white and you can make the most of the weather and your surroundings, I love winter. And I love all the winter activities.

One activity I’ve been doing a lot more of recently (thanks Dad & Sue for the snowshoes!) is snowshoeing. It’s been high on the rotation with Eddie recently.

Heather and Eddie winter snowshoe adventure

It’s such fun! We both get lots of exercise and it’s awesome to watch Eddie bound through the forest and the deep snow. With the crazy cold wind recently, hiding deep in the forest has been extra awesome. We stay protected from the wind and enjoy the cold days.

snowshoeing with dog heatherinheels

He is so tuckered out when we get home, which is also awesome. (He loves the arm knit blanket!)

Eddie tired on couch after snowshoe

We’ve definitely been increasing our activity levels with Eddie. He was (and continues to be a bit) very out of sorts when we said goodbye to Hermann. He was the yin to Hermann’s yang, and thus needed to find his place in the new family dynamic. For us that has meant a few changes in routines, going to different hiking spots, and starting up new activities together – like snowshoeing. It’s been good for all of us:)

What winter activities do you enjoy doing with your dog?

digging in deep snow with heather snowshoeing

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  1. by Julia at Home on 129 Acres on February 6, 2017  3:40 pm Reply

    I love that you're creating new experiences unique for you and Eddie. I got into snowshoeing when we moved to the country and I love it. In the super deep snow, the puppy likes me to break the trail for him, and it took a couple of chin bumps for him to learn not to follow too closely. Our favourite winter activity is hiking with our dog friends. It's great to get out and enjoy the season.

    • by Heather on February 7, 2017  9:38 am Reply

      LOL, that is too cute! I love this, thanks Julia:)

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