10 Songs to Spice Up Your Workout Mix

I’ve added a bunch of new music to my GymPod / workout mix recently and thought it was worth sharing. Not only does a steady stream of music get me through my morning workouts, it also makes doing the dishes, cooking, or anything else around the house much more entertaining.

Now, not all the songs are ‘new’ or even remotely recent, so what I mean by new is new to my playlist.

This one is new. And already it’s had crazy amounts of ‘repeat’ on my workout playlist.

A couple of years old now, but this song is still one of my faves. It’s recently been added to the mix and gets regular repeats during a workout.

This song has been stuck in my head since our Cuban vacation. It’s awesome motivation to think about #BikiniBod when this comes on the mix at the gym. (I’ve also been doing my version of the shaky shaky while doing the dishes – it’s spectacular)

As one of my favourite movie characters from one of my all time favourite movies* says, “this is an oldie but a goodie”.

*Marty McFly in Back to the Future in case you’re stumped

While we’re talking Marty….Let’s get in our Delorian for a second and go waaaaay back to early 2000. I was lucky enough to get a super early Mp3 player (kids, that’s before ipods were invented), about the size of a deck of cards it held a total of 13 songs. This song was one my 13 and it’s been a welcome new addition to the teeny tiny ipod holding over 200 songs….

I’m a huge Arkells fan and a lot of their music has made it’s way onto my workout mix. This is the newest addition. It’s great for the start of the workout as you’re getting your heart rate up.

This song is such a happy one. Almost six years old now, it still makes me happy each time I hear it.

I love the original version of this song, but this remix is what made it to the workout mix. The higher tempo is a little more cardio friendly:)

Fitz & The Tantrums always make fun upbeat music and this tune has been heavy on the rotation since adding it a few months ago.

And this song. So good. The entire album is awesome, but this one song is amazing for getting the energy up.

I hope you’re workout gets a little extra oomph!

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