Three things I hide from my husband

Okay, so this post might seem like a ramble jamble mish mash, but stick with me here. I’ve got some truth telling to do, a product review, AND a give-a-way!

Let’s start with a little secret. I hide things from DH. Three in fact.

1) JuJubes. It’s not so much that I hide them, it’s more …. “if he doesn’t think to look for candy behind the tea, that’s his problem…” So not hiding. Just not obvious:)

2) The total price of things. I feel I’m not alone in this one. I round down, especially with Antiques or vintage items. He sees the bills, he knows the truth so why I why round down is beyond me.

and finally, #3. This one is a recent addition to the list and I’ll tell you why shortly.

3) I hide the dish soap. Say what?! Yes, you read that right. I hide the dish soap. Well, it’s more like I hide the soap I super love and don’t want to share with DH and put out another brand kinda hide. Or did, until now. So here’s the story and some quick back story.

cleaning products in front of mirror my by heatherinheels

The back story:
We don’t have a dishwasher, this is on purpose and we don’t miss it or need. All of our dishes are done by hand, and we both do our fair share. We also live in the country and are on a septic system, which means we are VERY conscious of the products we use (in addition to just caring about our health and that of our dogs).

mrs meyers clean day dish soap in Canada yellow heather in heels

Setting the stage:
In September at Blog Podium we all received a goodie bag from the generous sponsors. One delightful find inside the bag was a bottle of dish soap and some hand soap from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, along with a note saying she was coming back to Canada. I was SO EXCITED! Remember when Tar-jay was here? (sniff. I miss you Tar-jay) Well, this stuff was sold there and I was a huge fan. Then Tar-jay went away, which meant the only Canadian source was gone. But guess what kids!? Mrs. Meyer’s is BACK! As of now, this very moment you can buy it all over Canada. Which is amazing and means I can stop hiding the dish soap from DH.

mrs meyers hand soap in heather in heels powder room

The story:
The reason I’ve been hiding it is because I love it so much. The smell…oh the smell. You’ve never done dishes and breathed so deeply. Add to that how well it cleans, and well…I wanted it all to myself until I could get more. And guess what?! I got YOU some too! I was so excited to get the news from the Mrs. Meyer’s team it was coming to Canada, that I reached out to them and told them about how I love it so much I hide it from DH. So they sent me some more stuff to try and the results are in.

greenery and cleaning products mrs meyers heatherinheels

It’s love people.

I used the all purpose cleaner on basically the whole house before we left for our Cuban holiday, and it not only did the job crazy well, the smell was heavenly. You might not think this matters all the much, but it does. When you’re on your knees in front of the fridge with your head and torso wedged inside to clean the very depths of it, you’ll be grateful for a non-toxic delightful smell that also cleans.

housekeepers box with cleaning products mrs meyers in canada heather in heels

So there you have it! Three little secrets, a product review, and now for the give-a-way. A fabulous care package of products can be yours, courtesy of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. You’ll receive: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate, worth $30 CAD.

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Mrs Meyers tackles a fridge Heather In Heels reviewDisclosure: Mrs. Meyer’s sent me a care package with products inside (which is taxable income FYI), and will be providing the winner’s prize. They did not pay me for this review, all opinions, secrets revealed within, and photos are mine. I am super happy to see their products back in Canada, was delighted to try new ones and am super pleased to be able to offer a give-a-way:)


  1. by Courtney Searle on January 16, 2017  9:28 am Reply

    Totally hide the jujubes too!!

    • by Heather on January 16, 2017  9:36 am Reply

      LOL:) so glad I'm not alone! thanks for stopping by Courtney:)

  2. by Heather Derouin Baker on January 16, 2017  9:52 am Reply

    Hi! I totally "round down" with the hubby.... ticks him off to no end! Also say I buy a $40.00 frame and return it a few weeks later because it didn't suit and end up with a $50.00 one... I tell the hubs well this one was only like 10 bucks ( he doesn't need to know the "extra" part!!) LOL Thankfully he likes jujubes and I like chocolate so we both team up to hide them from the kids!

    • by Heather on January 16, 2017  10:51 am Reply

      love it!

  3. by Karl Nieva on January 16, 2017  10:03 am Reply

    HAHAHA, H you always crack me up. I don't have any of these secrets with J.

    • by Heather on January 16, 2017  10:52 am Reply

      :) lucky lady - she shares her jujubes:)

  4. by Jeannie Lam on January 16, 2017  11:23 am Reply

    I sneak treats like chocolate and chips into our grocery shopping runs and don't tell him about it. I then hide them in our pantry and eat them when he's not around. Shhh.....

    • by Heather on January 16, 2017  11:24 am Reply

      that's awesome!:) mmmm chocolate!

  5. by edmontonjb on January 16, 2017  11:45 am Reply

    I hide the three ply tissues with lotion from my husband. He will use them to wipe up a spill and use half the box to do it, even though there are paper towels on the counter that are actually meant for wiping up spills.


    • by Heather on January 16, 2017  12:43 pm Reply

      HA! I love this:)

  6. by Kristen Kelderman on January 16, 2017  4:53 pm Reply

    I am queen of the round down too! Especially when it comes to getting my hair done at the salon :| Anything new that I bring home i.e. home decor, bed sheets, towels, they were always 'on sale' and a good deal. I'm working on saving us poor! lol

    • by Heather on January 17, 2017  8:10 am Reply

      Oh the salon! That's a great one!!!

  7. by dani@lifeovereasy on January 17, 2017  1:59 pm Reply

    Umm... my "darkest" secret is the stash of dark chocolate that I overindulge in periodically!

    • by Heather on January 17, 2017  2:05 pm Reply

      baahahha! that's a good one:)

  8. by Laura on January 19, 2017  5:49 pm Reply

    I hide my shopping bags ;) Excited to see this product back in Canada

    • by Heather on January 20, 2017  11:52 am Reply

      me too Laura! Can't wait to try out the laundry products too!:)

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