My Wayfair wishlist of awesome home goods

You know the old expression, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride? We’ll, I’ve updated it. I’d redecorate. I have no immediate plans to do so, but it’s always nice to dream. Well…if I’m being honest our second floor bathroom is closer than I think to an update, but that’s for another day. Let’s stick to dreaming shall we? Dreaming of having no budget, dreaming of pretty things to make pretty rooms even prettier.

Here’s what I’m dreaming about for the living room.

I’m itching for a bigger couch and I’d love one with slip covers so I can easily wash the dog off it:) I’m also totally in love with these sconces. I feel they would look just heavenly on the wall above our fireplace.

Blogger Picks Living Room wishlist Wayfair Heatherinheels

1. Bell Jar Wall Sconce
2. Curtain Panel Pair
3. Round Glass End Table
4. Sectional Sofa

And in the bathroom….oh that light fixture….so pretty right?! Can you tell I’ve got a thing for black and white bathrooms? (Funny, considering my penchant for colour in the rest of the house).

1. Ceiling Mounted Light
2. Peel and Stick paper
3. Vanity
4. Shower Curtain
5. Shower Caddy

And while it’s not a new sofa, my dreaming has paid off a bit. You see, as a Wayfair Homemaker, I get to share items I love and Wayfair highlights them on the site. For example, when you see the vanity I’m dreaming of you’ll see a little icon on it.

When you click it, you see this:

And then you can click from there to HERE. To this blog. That tickles my fancy, plus it does good things for the blog’s google-juice. So that’s kinda neat huh!? I don’t get paid (or product), but I get links which is awesome:) I also get to dream-shop and voice my thoughts on the items I love. So I thought I’d share them with you here too.

What dream projects do you have for your home?

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