Tips for being the best guest (at a blogger’s house)


Just a quick search can reveal oodles of advice on how to be a great guest. But if you’ve got a friend like me in your squad, well the rules are a little bit different when you’re the guest at a DIY or decor blogger’s house. (Note: Written with tongue firmly planted in cheek;).


So I thought I would round up my top five ways to be a great guest at a blogger’s house:

1. Ask for a tour. We ALWAYS want to give you a tour. Where most ‘tips’ lists suggest you leave it to the host to offer a tour up, please know in advance we bloggers LOVE to show off our abodes and you can bet your bottom dollar the whole house is Instagram worthy when you arrive.
2. Bring flowers…leave the vase. Flowers are so lovely (and very generous)…but I don’t want a crappy dollar store vase just so you don’t feel guilty about ‘adding to my hosting workload’ as most lists suggest. Bloggers have a stash of vases, mugs, jugs, and other stylin’ props to use and we’d probably prefer to do our own flower arranging.
3. Send (or bring) a thank you note. This advice stands whether it’s a blogger, your grandma, or your least favourite relative. A hand written note is the epitome of gracious and should be used liberally.
4. Ask permission to eat. Just kidding. Not really. Well, sort of…but not really. If a blogger is hosting a get-together there is a good chance it’s going to end up on the blog. Which means photos, standing on the dining room chair kind of photos. Indulge us:)
5. Enjoy yourself, mix, mingle, and keep to positive conversation. This advice, like a thank you card, applies to all events where you are a guest. The host has many responsibilities, and while they strive to keep guests mingling and the conversation flowing having guests lend a helping hand in keeping the mood upbeat is always appreciated.


Looking for some fun hostess gift ideas other than flowers and wine? One of my favourites is treat jars. Little bundles of sweetness, like ju jubes, chocolate almonds, gum balls, or even some tasty popcorn kernels. Pop a little thank you tag on and tie a ribbon around some spare fabric and you’ve got yourself a lovely little gift that would always be appreciated.



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