Powder Room Makeover Plans

The main floor powder room is headed for a makeover! It’s been a little over four years since I ripped out the ugly brown painted textured wallpaper and gave the room it’s first makeover. So naturally, it’s time for another:)

This room gets used a lot. Not just by us (supervised of course by the dogs), but by guests at dinner parties. And it’s also a room I like to decorate at Christmas and add fresh flowers to during the warmer months. I also like to stand on the toilet to take photos of said flowers to share on Instagram. #bloglife

So what’s the plan for this fabulous room? While the changes will be major, there won’t be any major changes. What I mean is, toilet, pedestal sink, chandelier, and floor will all stay the same.

Who could do anything to these floors? I mean….just SO lovely.


And it’s those floors that were the driving design inspiration for this makeover. We’re going glamourous my friends!

Here’s what the room looks like right now:



I love the tall ceilings in this room (well the whole house really…) and how much light just pours in. Oh, and another thing that is staying is the DIY toilet paper holder I made out of a vintage garden sprayer. I just love that thing and was the colour inspiration for the fab new faucet.




And here’s where we are headed. I’ve partnered with Delta Faucet and Wayfair Canada to give this room everything it needs for an AB-FAB glitz glam upgrade and like the Pointer Sisters said “I’m so excited!”. Of course I’ll also be DIY’ing some surprise details and adding a fresh coat of Para Paints Jo Jo Whitewash (my fave!) too, so stay tuned:)! (Can you spy the first of the Christmas decor going in?)

glamour bathroom makeover moodboard inspiration decor

Yes my friends. Four years after ripping wallpaper OUT, I’m putting some back in! Here’s the key difference: what I ripped out was super ugly….this is SUPER pretty.

Whatdya think? Excited?