Full Disclosure: A peek behind the curtain

Update: this change has come into effect as of January 1, 2017 and it is now law:)

A few weeks ago some news broke that got bloggers all a twitter. Why? Well, coming soon to a blog near you will be rules around how bloggers (and anyone else making claims or promoting products online) will have to do business. They have to provide full disclosure. Yes, folks – we’re getting a peek behind the curtain!


Starting in early 2017 all Canadian bloggers will have to ensure they are providing full and clear disclosure for payment and or product received. (The US has had this for a few years now, but have only recently started cracking down). Want to know how it will affect me and the way I run this blog?

Not at all.

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Is this because I’m special and the rules don’t apply? No. Well, yes, I am special…but what I mean is I have ALWAYS done this. Since day one. Every post that has been sponsored, or that I have received product for has had a disclaimer note at the bottom. See posts here, here, and here for some good examples.


What this means is we must provide a disclaimer somewhere in our post (very clearly) letting you know if we received product or payment and that we are working with the brand/company. It also means we have include the word #sponsored in our social media posts, ideally not buried in a long list of hashtags.

And since we’re talking sponsored posts, I figured it’s time to share a bit more about those brands and products I chose to partner with and share here. A good 99% of the time the brands I work with are ones I love so much I reached out to them telling them so (Para, Ryobi, Krylon, Rent Frock Repeat, Rayne Whole Food, Alexanian’s and more). Which then started the relationship and allowed me to either receive payment, or product, or both for shouting this love from the treetops.

#LessStuffMoreLife with @heatherNHeels and @RentFrockRepeat Pink David Meister Dress

I get pitches / emails from random brands all day every day offering me free doodads, and beebops, or offering to promote me/the blog in exchange for me promoting them. Almost always I say no to these. Most of the time they don’t fit. They are something I would never use, or read, or wear, or even talk about. As much fun as new stuff is, I’d much rather have my credibility.

Which is why I feel like you trust you me when I vouch for something. Because you know it’s honest and true. And you know what? Brands know this of you too! Say what?! Yes, every time you click from my site/blog to theirs they know this and see that you value my opinion. Which in turn means they value working with me more than they already thought possible:)

Lily and the Octopus Book Review

And a note on book reviews while we’re at it. I only post reviews of books I really liked or loved. If I didn’t like it, you don’t hear from me. As an Advance Reader for Simon and Schuster I get more books than I review, but choose to only share what I love. Why not share a negative review? Well for one thing, I am not a qualified literary reviewer. I’m just Heather who loves reading a great book. Remember that old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all” ? That’s the way I work with book reviews.

So there you have it…a peek behind the curtain to find no wizard, just me – just like it’s always been:) How’s that for full disclosure?:)

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support:)
xox h

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by the letters F and D, for Full Disclosure.


  1. by Jo-Anna on October 3, 2016  3:19 pm Reply

    This is a great post Heather! I'm with you on this 100%.

    • by Heather on October 3, 2016  3:28 pm Reply


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