DIY Faux Floral Art

Did the words “faux floral” stop you in your tracks? Are you wondering if I’ve gone bonkers?

Well good news. I’m not (officially) bonkers and I’m super glad I stopped you in your tracks.

Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90’s fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets.

So you can bet when I heard the challenge for September’s #12MonthsofDIY was faux florals I was all ….

wide eyed Heather

Thankfully this month our team has the generous sponsorship of who provided each of us with $40 worth of flowers. And what flowers!!!

It really was hard picking flowers from their crazy huge collection (I know I know…my rough life), especially not knowing yet what I was going to do/make/create with them. In the end I ordered two peony bouquets and a box of 100 white carnations.

white peony bouquet

Here is where trouble started. These flowers are SO. DARN. PRETTY. Throw every notion of faux florals out of your brain, these are not them. These are totally gorgeous. The packaging was also a ton of fun.

fun with packaging

So gorgeous I sat and stared at them for days…weeks in fact, wondering what on earth I would do to these flowers that would do their loveliness justice. All I kept thinking was, “they are just so pretty they deserve to be in a nice vase, on a nice table, by a window.”

So in the end, that is exactly what I did;)

diy faux floral flowers in vase art on canvas

It was a relatively simple project from that point forward.

First I painted over an old canvas (I tend to recycle them when I get bored) to give myself a nice white background.

first step in diy faux floral art project white canvas white peony

Then I sketched out my table, window, and vase.

Once I was happy with the proportions I painted it with black craft paint.


The final step was to put the flowers in the vase. Rather than removing each from their stems and gluing them to the canvas, I opted to put some razor thin slices in the canvas and stick ’em through. The flower stems were simply taped using masking tape to the back of the canvas to hold them in place.



I feel like this makes the flower placement a little more lifelike. Plus, it lets me reuse the flowers and canvas other ways in the future if (when) I get bored:)

faux floral art on canvas

It’s hung now in our upstairs hallway between DH’s office and the guest room, on the way to our upstairs bath. The painting that was there got moved into our master bedroom. And since I was in a crafty mood, I ended up building a quick frame for it using some trim and painting it the same colour as the walls to give it more of a finished look.



And what about those carnations? Well, a few got used in the flower crowns I made. A whole bunch more got used in this fantastic birthday crown I made for my niece’s first birthday party. For a quick how-to, pop over to the crown tutorial > here. For this one, the main difference lies in the headband I picked – because of my niece’s soft little one year old noggin’ I opted for a softer fabric headband.

I mean. If you looked up adorable in the dictionary…THIS….FACE!


These flowers really did blow my mind with how pretty they are, how lifelike, and even how nice they feel. Huge thanks to for being our partner on this. I know I had fun, and I know the rest of the DIY crew did too. Just check out their amazing projects!

I am so inspired! Be sure to click through and check them out.


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ps – don’t forget to join our Instagram challenge! Your #SeptemberFauxFloral DIY could be featured on all of our IG accounts!

Disclosure: As I mentioned way at the top of this post, provided each of our #12MonthsofDIY crew with $40 worth of flowers. I was not paid and the opinions are all from my beautiful brain:)


  1. by Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc. on September 21, 2016  7:12 am Reply

    Hey lovely! This project is just so friggen adorable, you are so right the quality of these faux florals is amazing! You made me LOL, one year old noggin', too funny and completely cute!

    • by Heather on September 21, 2016  10:55 am Reply

      Thank you so much:)!

  2. by Joann @ Woman in Real Life on September 21, 2016  8:25 am Reply

    This is such a creative and unique project Heather! I love it. And the idea of putting a slice in the canvas so you can preserve the stems is genius. I know I was a little bit concerned when I cut the stems on my faux florals, as I won't be able to use them in a taller vase. I'll just have to get more I guess! ;) xo Jo

    • by Heather on September 21, 2016  10:55 am Reply

      exactly! I'll definitely be ordering more - they are such lovely flowers, completely life like:)

  3. by arielgarneau on September 22, 2016  8:08 am Reply

    "Why? Well, because most faux flowers are super ugo and make me think of tacky 90’s fake plants littering houses collecting dust on top shelves and above the kitchen cabinets."
    YES x 100

    I love that you made them into 3D art! Genius! And those flower crowns? too cute

    • by Heather on September 22, 2016  8:13 am Reply

      thank you so much:)! I just have visions of Florida vacation homes from my childhood with what seemed like miles and miles of super dusty ivey running around the top of the kitchen cabinets - these flowers are SO NOT those:)

  4. by Time With Thea (@TimeWithThea) on September 23, 2016  12:20 am Reply

    I have to say that your use of silk flowers is the most creative and artistic I have come across. Absolutely brilliant and sooooo creative!

    • by Heather on September 23, 2016  9:27 am Reply

      thank you so much Thea:)! these flowers are just so pretty!

  5. by dannyellenicolle on September 23, 2016  8:23 am Reply

    So creative, really lets the gorgeous flowers shine! Great job.

    • by Heather on September 23, 2016  9:27 am Reply

      thank you so much Dannyelle:)

  6. by Sonja on September 23, 2016  9:30 am Reply

    You captured my thoughts exactly! What on earth can we make with faux flowers?! Well, I'm a new fan for sure. I LOVE the creativity in this's so fresh and unexpected. Oh and that FACE, cutie!

    • by Heather on September 23, 2016  9:38 am Reply

      I know right:) so cute! she's a precious little one for sure:) these flowers got a friend in me 'faux-sho!" LOL

  7. by Lindi on September 25, 2016  9:07 pm Reply

    This is SO great!! Love it! Such a creative use of the flowers!

    • by Heather on September 26, 2016  8:43 am Reply

      thanks so much Lindi:)

  8. by brooklynberrydesigns on September 27, 2016  7:37 pm Reply

    I love how outside the box this is. So fun and a unique piece to have in your home. Also, that floral clown is so adorable.

    • by Heather on September 28, 2016  11:15 am Reply

      thanks so much Brooke:) it was so great to catch up with you in TO a few weeks ago:)

  9. by dani@lifeovereasy on October 9, 2016  9:47 pm Reply

    Such a fun project! What a clever way to use your flowers - love it!

    • by Heather on October 11, 2016  9:22 am Reply

      Thanks so much Dani:) I walk past them every day and just love it:)

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