The Adventures of Tom & Shelley: Our to-do list

I love lists. Making a list is equally as rewarding as crossing things off said list. Especially when they’re fun projects. Don’t tell DH, ‘cus I think he thinks these projects are less exciting for me because I don’t have free reign. Which is ALSO, what I think HE thinks. That I don’t have free reign to do whatever on these projects. That I somehow will not get my way and his ‘design’ influence will come through.

Which is just crazy talk.

Heather gets her way:) I have plans people.

Devious little plans.

SO! Onto the big ‘ol list of fun projects we’ve got planned…..ready?!

1) The Sun Room

This is a pretty big project that we will be doing over time. So far we’ve already ripped out all the lath and plaster ceiling, and ceiling tiles. There is a leak from the second floor widow’s walk, which caused some of the framing to rot and of course the ceiling. The leak needs to be fully repaired so we can start to put the room back together again. You know, like put in some new wood framing, a new ceiling, paint it, furnish it, run electricty into it, and light it. NBD. Really. LOL

I’m already dreaming of lovely evenings spent in there reading with all the windows open to enjoy the fresh air without the mosquitoes:)!

We even found a fun surprise after removing the lath…a giant old hive. When DH found it he almost shat his pants lost his cool for a second. Almost.

sun room with giant old nest

2) The Bathroom Vanity

First, let me just get this out of the way. I hate the vanity. I’ve had a strong hate on for it since we moved it. But it was fine, and clean, and did it’s job. Then, a few months ago a crack appeared in the sink – how? who knows, the drain decided to stop working, and one of the drawers sticks & is lopsided because it’s a crappy box store vanity that’s 10 years old. When DH had all three of these things affect him one day, my mission was complete. He turned to me and said, “you get your wish – the vanity project you’ve had on your list since moving day can now be on the official list.” I yelped with joy and the hunt has been on ever since to find the perfect dresser come vanity. Click HERE to see the bathroom now.

Here’s my inspiration:

3) The Hall Closet

closet doors in hallway behind flowers

For an 1898 house we are blessed with oodles of closet space. Not the most functional spaces mind you, but there’s lots of it. Our house served as the main hotel for the local train station eons ago (when there was one), which is why it’s not the typical little-to-no-closet old house. The hall closet is one such space. Lots of room, but very poorly used. Add to that, just recently as I was cleaning in advance of a brunch party with girlfriends the vacuum hit the closet door and it just FELL off. It was like I said something obscene and it just fainted, collapsing into a heap on the floor. SOOOOOO….I McGyver’d a tension rod and an old Ikea curtain to be the door until we actually do THIS (our inspiration):

Won’t it be FABULOUS!? Instead of having awkward baskets shoved onto shelving that hid behind coats and brooms, it will be large drawers offering us easy and awesome access to dog leashes, dog coats, bicycle accessories, hats, mitts, scarves, and so much more!

We will keep the hanging hall closet area (of course!), and then go through the wall to provide access to the storage space under the stairs to make room for the drawers.

4) The Back Porch – Update: It’s done! Check it out HERE.

back porch with Eddie Vedder

The back porch needs some TLC. In addition to a new roof. The current roof is uglier than ugly and some of the wood planks need replacing. Plus the whole thing could use a fresh coat of paint and a good cleaning.

back porch ugly roof

5) The Shed

And that's just how he rolls #sexiestManAlive #myMan

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Oh the shed. When we moved in there was a shed. Can you spy it there behind my man? It wasn’t a great shed, but it was a structure with a roof that covered things like a lawn mower in the most basic of ways. Until the roof fell in after a heavy snow.

Bye bye roof.

So we tore it down.

Bye bye shed.

So now we need to build a new one.


So there you have it, our GIANT to-do list. Phewf. I’m exhausted already!

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