Easy Art for Animal Lovers

If you’ve read more than two of my posts you’ll likely know two things about me, 1) I super love my dogs, and 2) I also super love bright bold colours. So when my little sister, aka Dr. Jenn from Minden Animal Hospital, asked if I would help out and make some art for her clinic, I jumped at the chance. Why? It allowed me to combine THREE things I love, dogs, painting, and painting with bright bold colours.

bespoke art for vet clinic by heatherinheels

I had such fun doing this project and know you can do it too!

Here’s how:

First I looked online for simple sketches of dogs and cats, ones I could easily free-hand and adapt. From there I sketched out the ones I liked best and figured out how they would fit best on the canvases by breaking each drawing into even squares. Anyone who took high school art will remember this technique, it’s basically paint by numbers but DIY style:)

mapping out Dobberman sketch via heatherinheels

sketch by heatherinheels

sketch cute dog and cat painting via heatherinheels

sketching out DIY art via heatherinheels

Then I got to work mapping them out on the canvases and sketched each in with light pencil. Oh, and I should mention that all my canvases got a good couple coats of white paint before I even started.

sketch on canvas via heatherinheels

From there it was just a matter of picking a bright colour and staying in the lines as I ‘coloured’ each one in.

DIY dog and cat painting via heatherinheels

The favourite of mine is the Andy Warhol style Doberman. For this one, in order to ensure I was totally accurate in making each of them the same I first sketched it out on a sheet of bristol board – measured to be exactly one quarter of the canvas. Then I cut the stencil out for easy tracing. And again, got to work ‘colouring’ it in with various bright paint colours.

stencil doberman head via heatherinheels

sketching and DIY art via heatherinheels

And then it was paint, paint, paint!

Andy Warhol Style Doberman DIY art via heatherinheels

cat head and tail by heatherinheels

dog and cat DIY art via heatherinheels

pink dog and cat DIY art via heatherinheels

The final piece was made specifically for the Sympathy Room at the clinic. This is the quiet place guests can go if they have had to say goodbye to a family member. For this room we wanted something that reflected the space, but wasn’t cheesy. I call this “paw prints on my heart”. For this I just sketched a heart and four toe prints with pencil first and then got to work with my brush.

Paw Prints on my Heart via heatherinheels

What do you think? Which is your favourite?


  1. by Melissa on May 16, 2016  5:56 pm Reply

    I love this Heather. I've been waiting for your post ever since you put up the teaser last week. The doggie looking down at the cat if my favourite but the Paws On My Heart one is very sweet too - perfect for a Sympathy Room. I'm getting all misty eyed just thinking about it. Such a simple idea but so effective and cheerful!

    • by Heather on May 17, 2016  2:14 pm Reply

      thanks! the sympathy room one actually took me the longest to get started on - didn't enjoy thinking about what I would want to see when I have to sit on that room.

  2. by Julia at Home on 129 Acres on May 17, 2016  9:58 pm Reply

    Love all of these, Heather. I like your tip of breaking the pictures into a grid. I think my favourite is the tall cat one. I love the movement of the tail and the unique framing you chose. Very creative. What special personal thing to do for your sister and her clients.

    • by Heather on May 19, 2016  2:13 pm Reply

      thank you so much Julia:)

  3. by Kerry Vandergrift on May 18, 2016  8:28 am Reply

    Love these Heather....such creative ideas

    • by Heather on May 19, 2016  2:14 pm Reply

      thank you so much Kerry!:)

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