Guest Room Update: The Sequel

Yes. It’s happening again.  The guest room is getting a makeover.  It was one of the first rooms I tackled when we moved in here, and a few years later was one of the very first blog posts I wrote.

Let’s take a look back at where we started before the first makeover.

guest room before

Super freakin’ UGO!

I mean, that wallpaper could induce vomiting.  Which I nearly did scraping all that off the walls.  What an exhausting adventure that was! But it was worth.  I love this room.

Especially when I ripped up the carpet on a whim when I was finished painting the first time:)

guest room carpet

The room had some minor updates over the years after the grand makeover, new art was added, some art taken away, I DIY’d an awesome chandelier, but otherwise it pretty much stayed the same.  Until I gave our master bedroom it’s fabulous makeover…..

guest room with old art

Why? Well, if you’ll recall (because I know y’all hang on to my every word…just like my DH…ammmiright?) I stole the full length mirror and the area rug from the guest room and put them in our room.



Then one day dragging the vacuum cleaner out of the guest room closet I got pissy.  1) because I was vacuuming, and 2) because the closet door didn’t open all the way because the bed was in the way, which meant I had to struggle. Which annoyed me.  So I dropped the vacuum cleaner, slammed the closet door, and ….


….and then as I exhaled and plunked myself down on the newly positioned bed I thought, “I think this room is due for a makeover“.  Welcome to my brain people.  It’s a great place.  It’s a place where moving furniture is a great excuse to get your DIY on and give a room a refresh.  All under the premise of making the space more functional for ME and our life.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So, back to the refresh.

The new bed placement, the lack of carpet and mirror, and my addiction to paint have all combined to make for a fun project.  Actually, a series of them:)

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • repainting the entire room in FAB minty fresh green, called….wait for it,”Guest List” by PARA Paints
  • painting the door, I’ve discovered a fondness for painted doors (see here & here)
  • creating and hanging new art (and a mirror) – see update HERE
  • giving an ottoman/bench of my Nana’s a FAB makeover – check it out:) so pretty!
  • making a sleek console table/vanity
  • sorting out better bedside lighting (there’s only one outlet and it’s on the far side of the room)
  • sorting out a new carpet (I’ve lost HOURS of my life online window shopping for area rugs) – see update HERE

…and of course that means chronicling it all for you lovelies here, and on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new colour:)  What do you think? Are you as excited as I am?

new colour in guest room

UPDATE: Check out the full reveal HERE

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