Guest Room Update: Progress & Rug Choices

I have been one busy little bee! Fueled entirely by mini-eggs:)

The guest room painting is DONE! Oh wait.  I lied a bit.  The painting isn’t done done.  It’s almost done.  I still need one more coat of Jo Jo Whitewash on the door.  But otherwise, it’s done:) The green, PARA’s Guest List, is puuuurfect.  It’s light and bright.  It’s cheery but calming and just oh so pretty.  The old ottoman that I reupholstered looks smashing in the room, it’s almost like I planned it:)

As usual, Hermann kept me company and provided moral support while I painted:)

Heather in Heels Guest room makeover DIY with Hermann the dog on drop cloth

Still left on my to-do list is a little decorating, finishing the door painting, and picking a new area rug. I’m so excited to be working with Alexanian’s on this project! I have literally lost hours of my life looking at their awesome selection online and I’ve narrowed it down to these six.  Tell me, what is your favourite?  Comment on the post, or over on Facebook HERE to let me know:)

Heather in heels guest room carpet from Alexanians

My local store in Guelph is SUPER helpful and will bring in my top three so I can bring them home to actually see them in the space – how handy is that?!  I’ll be sharing those pictures over on Facebook, so be sure to stay tuned for those:)

In the meantime, the room is coming together so nicely.  I’ve re-hung the curtains and even started to hang some stuff on the walls.

heather in heels guest room makeover vintage headboard mirror reflection

The headboard (and side table not pictured ) are actually part of the set we have in our Master Bedroom.   This set belonged to my grandfather, who I called Dede🙂 He’s the beautiful man who taught me how to draw & paint.

Heather in Heels Guest Room with PARA Paints Guest List green

I even whipped up this painting for one of the walls.  It needed something, so it got a little butterfly:)

Heather In heels original art for guest room


Sponsored Post Disclosure:  As I mentioned in the post, I’m so excited to be working with Alexanian’s on this project. They are going to help me find the perfect area rug for this room.  High FIVE! Alexanian’s is providing me with an area rug in exchange for me telling y’all all about my experience.  I am not being paid and as usual I only share my honest to goodness opinion because I’m nice like that:) 

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