Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

You know when you find a meal that is not only super tasty but also super easy to put on the table? I know….I know, they are few and far between.  Or at least, I make it a few times and then I get bored.  Or the awesome-factor of the food wanes and it’s no longer a super great meal it’s just food.  Food is fine, but I prefer to pat my belly when I’m done and say, “mmmm, that was gooooood.”

Well, thanks to my BFF I found a meal I literally have made weekly (and gone through an entire bottle of whiskey) since she served it to me. Why the whiskey Heather? Read on my friends, read on.  It’s a winning chicken dinner.  And if you’re slightly crazy like me, you’ll call it “Winner winner chicken dinner” each time you make it.

amazing whiskey gravy roast chicken

Because it’s winning.  It really is.

And the leftovers? They win too.  Hello soups!?

The recipe is the simplest of recipes.  Basically, put chicken in pan, roast, make easiest gravy EVER and enjoy. Yes people it’s that simple.  If ‘make gravy‘ has you recoiling I promise you it shouldn’t.  It’s SO easy.  All you’re doing is adding whiskey (hello sexy!) and butter (hello yummy!) to the pan drippings.

Pop on over to the Amateur Gourmet for the full recipe and step by step instructions and then send me a virtual hug for sharing this with you.  Because once you make it you will forever thank me.  No joke.  I think of my BFF each time I make it:)

With super minimal effort you have a yummy meal on the table in around an hour.  I usually serve it with steamed broccoli and roasted baby potatoes (with a little herb de provence on them).  I’ve served this meal to friends, to family, and to guests.  I hope you enjoy it too!  (and if you do, come back here and tell me what you thought – I’d love to know).

My tips for making/enjoying this awesome recipe:

I use my cast iron pan to roast the chicken – it works brilliantly.  I might never roast a chicken in a roasting pan ever again.

roast chicken in cast iron pan easy roast chicken with whiskey gravy



Did you hear me? ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

chicken dinner with whiskey gravy broccoli and roast baby potatoes


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