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There are some conversations no one ever enjoys having, but they’re necessary.  A few years ago DH and I had one of those conversations.  It was hard.  I cried.  Yet, we had to talk about it because the ‘it’ was the life of one our family members, our sweet Hermann-Maier.  The conversation was about what we would do ‘at the end’, when our sweet Hermann would be happier across the rainbow bridge.  Even typing this gets me weepy…..

who can resist a face like this Hermann Maier

We had the conversation because Hermann’s health was failing.  He was just over six years old and yet he was constantly on medications, drugged up on steroids and anti-histamines, lethargic, lacking enthusiasm, and not the happy lovable dog he had been for the first few years.  He was clearly unhappy and his health was the driving factor.  He was not living a quality life.  When we went on dog walks he would always be greeted as ‘old man’ by people who were new to him.  He had aged beyond his years.  It broke my heart.

This all changed though when we discovered Rayne. (click to the post to read the full story if you haven’t:))

Fast forward almost two years later and our Hermann is now medication free, almost thirty pounds lighter (yes, 30!), and at nine and half years old we get asked “how old is your puppy?”! Hermann is a happy, healthy, energetic dog who has lots of life and love yet in him, and I am so grateful.

Handsome Hermann maier the dog Rayne Canada via Heatherinheels

Every morning and evening when the boys get their food, I smile as I see Hermann’s handsome mug on the Rayne package.  His story, and our thanks, are shared on the side of the package and I couldn’t be more proud.

Hermann Maier proud Rayne Canada ambassador Kangaroo Dog food

We had the opportunity to join Rayne at their booth at the recent Ontario Veterinary Medicine Association conference and share our success with other vets and vet techs. It was so awesome to tell our story and help spread the news!  Every vet (you know, people who look at dogs for a living!) couldn’t believe Hermann was nine and half.  He blew them away with his energy, great physique, and general demeanor.  I was glad to tell them it was the Rayne.  Fingers crossed more fur-babies can be right as Rayne like our Hermann:)!

Hermann at OVMA Toronto January 2016 Rayne Canada

To read testimonials from other dogs (and cats) who have had great success with Rayne, read them all here.

Sponsored Post Disclosure: As I mentioned in my first post, I reached out to Rayne as a result of loving the impact their food was having on the boys. We receive food and treats, but no financial compensation in our role as Pet-Ambassadors:). The opinions, as always, are 100% mine.




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