Book Review: Still Mine by Amy Stuart @SimonSchusterCA

Book Review: Still Mine by Amy Stuart 

Book review of Still Mine by Amy Stuart by @heathernheels blog

From Simon & Schuster:



Clare is on the run.

From her past, from her husband, and from her own secrets. When she turns up alone in the remote mining town of Blackmore asking about Shayna Fowles, the local girl who disappeared, everyone wants to know who Clare really is and what she’s hiding. As it turns out, she’s hiding a lot, including what ties her to Shayna in the first place. But everyone in this place is hiding something—from Jared, Shayna’s secretive ex-husband, to Charlie, the charming small-town drug pusher, to Derek, Shayna’s overly involved family doctor, to Louise and Wilfred, her distraught parents.

Did Shayna flee? Was she killed? Is it possible she’s still alive?

As Clare uncovers the mysteries around Shayna’s disappearance, she must confront her own demons, moving us deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of lies and making us question what it is she’s really running from. Twisting and electrifying, this is a get-under-your-skin thriller that will make you question what it means to lose yourself and find yourself in the most unlikely places. 


What a page turner! The first line, “Sometimes I dream of my escape…” just hooked me and in one sitting the book was done. Granted it was -25c outside and I was armed with a latte and a fire, so it was easy to do:)

book review Still Mine by Amy Stuart by @heathernheels


From the very start the suspense begins and doesn’t end until you’re done.  Even then I was left a bit breathless for a moment letting the conclusion sink right in.

Following Clare through an eight day journey filled with deceit, brutal honesty, jealousy, and torment from herself and the very interesting cast of characters she joins in the small town of Blackmore was riveting and totally engaging.  Throughout the entire story I was left wondering who if anyone was telling the truth, including Clare.

Even though I never fully knew if the story Clare was telling was the truth, I was totally invested in her.  I wanted her to succeed at her task, for her to win.  The story was full of mystery and so many questions that needed to be answered.  (hence the page turning!) It was suspenseful and thoughtful all at once.  Looking at a small town, the dynamics of the families, and how we all carry around our own wounds and versions of stories had me reflecting on the stories we all tell ourselves and others – the image that forms in your absence.  But it also had me turning the page to find out more, to dive deeper into their secrets and reveal the truth.  And on the final page…..WHOA.

And I feel like the story was just beginning.  Which is why I was SO excited to see on Amy Stuart’s website that she is already working on the next book in this series.

The book is in stores and online March 1, 2016.

Disclosure:  Being a Simon & Schuster Advance Reader means I receive uncorrected advance reader proof copies of books every so often.  And every so often I really enjoy one of those books, so I decide to write a review post.  I’m not asked to do so, and I don’t get paid.  I do it because we should all read more:)…and it’s my website and I can do what I want:)


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