Awesome closet update: Ikea PAX wardrobe six years later

Picture it. Sicily, 1922.  Sorry…Golden Girls moment….

…but this post does start with a look back.  A look back six whole years ago.  It was the year 2010.  As a nation, we were barely Beliebers.  It was a long time ago.  It was back when DH and I installed our PAX closet.

At the time we were both working full time in office jobs. Shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, suits, and all the other bits and bobs that come with work wear were the primary focus for the closet.

Fast forward six years and the life we have and our closet don’t match.  I work from home and DH works at our retail store three whole blocks down the street.  He rides his bike and wears jeans.  We purged most of his suits and formal work wear, and now his ‘side’ of the closet isn’t as functional as it used to be.  We need more drawers.  We need space for his jeans, his cycling clothes, and sweaters.

ikea PAX closet system in blue bedroom via @heathernheels

DH has an abundance of cycling clothes (it’s on par with my shoe obsession) and when he had an office job with long hours and a bananas commute they were worn exclusively on weekends, fast forward to now and they are used daily.  This means they need to come out from their awkward storage space in his home office/den and be put in a more functional space.

Thankfully two wonderful things have combined, the IKEA wardrobe event and the gift of IKEA gift cards we were lucky enough to get for Christmas from super awesome family.  So, out with the old and in with the new! What do you think? It’s SOOOO much more functional for our life as it stands right now.  I just love how six years later we could march into IKEA, and update our closet to suit our life as it evolves.

Ikea PAX closet update six years later via heather in heels

It was honestly such a breeze.  I walked in with photos on my mobile of what the closet looked like now, got super helpful assistance from the Ikea staffer while we played on the PAX Wardrobe Planner together, and thirty minutes later the car was loaded and I treated myself to an Ikea hotdog.  As one does.

We added in six more full sized drawers, a closet divider to give room for some hanging items, three smaller drawers, and one more shelf for the top part.  I ended up using the full length bar we’d had up high previously rather than the half clothes rail I bought because when DH’s shirts where on the half rail it was too short (am I making sense? LOL) …so I MacGyver’d it a bit and it worked out nicely.

Not only is it more functional now, it also means two random basket-storage-drawer-thingys that were awkward in DH’s den closet can now go bye-bye.  Mmmmm puuuuuurging.   I love de-cluttering!

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