How to reduce your winter heating bills

Living in a century homes means drafty doors and windows.  And mice. And animals in the attic….but I’ll save that for another post….

One way we keep our energy costs down over the winter is by sealing up some doors.  We used to seal up all the windows until we got new ones five years ago.  I can’t even tell you what a happy day that was.  But even new windows can’t stop the drafts around the century old doors.  Sadly, most of the solutions are downright ugly…black strips of foam anyone? Others ruin the paint when you remove it in the spring.  Nothing makes Heather mad like chipped paint.  It’s ain’t pretty folks.

But pretty is back thanks to all DIY’ers favourite products, DAP.  I luurve DAP products.  Their pink dries white spackling is a staple in my DIY supplies and has been for EVER.  My love for them just got deeper though…. They’ve got a temporary sealant (for drafty windows and doors) that goes on clear and peels off without chipping paint.

For people who love their old homes, hate drafts, and hate ugly solutions – this is a dream come true.

It’s super easy to use, has little odor, helps keep heating costs down by reducing drafts, and did I mention it doesn’t ruin paint!?:)

I had so much fun using it, I put a bra on and made a video so you can see just how easy it is too.

Note: DAP didn’t pay me or ask me for this post.  I received some complimentary DAP products as a Christmas gift from them and since I loved this new discovery, I’m sharing.  #HelpfulHeather

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