Simple DIY Wizard Wands

What’s not to love about Harry Potter? I remember reading the books while I was in university, and after finishing each book passed it on to my BFF.  Which was even easier than you’d think to do since we lived in such a crappy old house with uneven floors that I could lift my feet up sitting at my desk chair and roll right out of my room, across the hall and into her room.  Ah, university life:)

And now just a few short years later (ha!), my BFF’s kidlets (whom I’m proud to be fairy-godmother to) are in love with Harry Potter too!

So this past weekend during our annual ‘Christmas Tree weekend‘ together they each received a very special Christmas gift.

Acceptance to Hogwarts!!! And their very own robes (Gryffindor of course!) and the ultimate wizarding accessory, their very own customized wizard wands.

harry potter wand DIY and letter from hogwarts

If you need me I’ll be opening up shop on Diagon Alley as a wand maker…this was SO EASY.  Wicked easy.  Wicked easy wizard wands.  That’s the alternate post title;)

super easy harry potter wand DIY

I started with this as my main inspiration.  Don’t you just love the internet? A trip to the dollar store revealed a better (more sturdy) option for the wand base than the suggested chopsticks, paint brushes!

I also opted to omit adding beads.

Using a BOAT LOAD of glue in my hot glue gun, I added thick beads of glue to form a ‘handle’ and then used more glue to add some textured bits on the wand.  Once it was dry it was time for some paint.

DIY harry potter wands pant brushes and hot glue

Each kiddo is received a different coloured wand, and a special story of why their wand is made especially for them.

The whole project took under 30 minutes of total time (not counting waiting for paint to dry which was exhausting)!

It was SOOO EASY….almost like MAGIC! Like I simply said, “Accio Wand!”

For extra special effect, the letters and wands were delivered via ‘owl’ (natch!).  Owls were drawn onto white helium filled balloons and poof! Owl delivery service.

owl delivery balloons DIY harry potter inspired

This was such a simple and fun way to share in the magic of Harry Potter with the special kiddos in our life.  Here are the two oldest casting spells:) SO CUTE!

accio wand magic with harry potter diy wizard wands


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