Three must have PC black label Collection pantry items

On the weekend I made up a batch of jalapeno poppers and as I reached into the pantry to grab the panko crumbs I had momentary panic I was out.

“Impossible!” I thought.

And it is impossible.  Those panko crumbs are used regularly, which means I always have more ‘in-stock’ somewhere in my cupboards.  It’s one of my essential pantry items, so handy for so many things!

PC Black lable panko crumbs pantry staple via @heathernheels

Another favourite from the PC black label collection is this AMAZING piri piri grilling spice.  I love this.  It’s got heat and flavour, and can be toned up or down based on how much you use.  I like a LOT of heat and spice, where DH is a wuss when it comes to heat, so I tend to go easy on his;) Seriously, his taste buds don’t know what they’re missing!

PC black label piri piri spice mix pantry staple via @heathernheels

Since I love to barbecue, this spice on chicken is a regular.  I love it in combination with the fiesta bean salad.

PC black label piri piri chicken with veg

Now this.

PC black label garlic aoli pantry staple via @heathernheels

This needs to come in bigger jars.  Needs to.

If my soul was a perfectly fresh baguette, this condiment would be my soul mate. It’s everything your sandwiches need.  MMMmmmm… with some spicy calabrese, brie, and arugula.  Or maybe freshly sliced chicken breast, avocado, and spinach.  Or ham, brie, and cucumber.  SO GOOD.

I repeat, it needs to come in bigger jars.

What are some of your essential pantry items?

Note: PC has no idea who I am …other than all the data they collect from my regular use of my PC Points…..  I wasn’t paid for this, and this isn’t sponsored in any way.  That said, if anyone from President’s Choice is reading this…seriously bigger jars!:) mmmK? Thanks, love Heather:) 


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