Easy home refresher: painting trim and baseboards

Glorious fresh white trim and baseboards.  Is there anything nicer? Okay, yes there is like new shoes on a visa you don’t pay for…but still you get my drift.  Fresh white trim is still quite awesome.

And truly the most efficient way to almost instantly spiffy up your home.

easy way to refresh your home paint trim white Jo Jo Whitewash PARA Paints via @heathernheels

It’s been five years since the hallway got painted, and the baseboards were a little worse for wear.  Between a husband who leans multiple bicycles against walls and dogs who have bits of food and other assorted delights fly from their bearded jowls when they shake their heads…well, it’s not pretty.  Regular dusting and cleaning still can’t hold a candle to fresh paint.

So in a matter of hours the entire first floor and second floor hallways got fresh paint on all trim, baseboards, and even a few doors got freshened up.  I split the project up doing one floor per day, which made it very easy.  The longest part of the whole project was the prep. Cleaning, dusting, and taping took longer than painting.  But it was totally worth it.

how to prep trim for painting via @heathernheels

I used my favourite white, Jo Jo Whitewash from PARA (obvi!).  This beautiful white is also the trim in the kitchen, and is the white in both our bathroom and powder room.

The photo above is before painting and I know it doesn’t look ALL the dirty, but I promise you in real life it is (or was! yay!).  This is the best shot I could get of dirty meeting clean.  See the difference? Gross and dirty versus clean and white.  So worth it!

clean baseboards vs dirty baseboards via @heathernheels

So, want to spiffy up your house? Clean, dust, and tape off your baseboards and trim and get painting! It’s really that easy:)

Next up, the runner is getting pulled up and the stairs and spindles are getting their refresh.

As a side note, can you believe it’s been two years exactly since our living room became Jazzleberry Jam pink? With the addition of the fabulous wing chairs, it really is coming together:)

perfect instagram photo by @heathernheels


Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use (AWESOME!), however does not compensate me financially.  I love their paints and am delighted to fill my house with their amazing colours:) 


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