Meet Boomer

Meet Boomer.


Boomer (or Boomie) is part of my girlfriend Julie’s family and has been a source of constant joy ever since his entrance.   I got to spend some time with Boomie when I spent a few days at her house helping with childcare, and just fell in love.  He’s a fun dog who joined me on my runs, and kept my feet warm sleeping with me at night.

Boomer, like Hermann and Eddie, LOVES his Rayne.  So I thought I share his story in Julie’s words.


Boomer is almost 1 and a half. He is a bernedoodle, half bernese, half labradoodle. He is the baby of our family. We found him at Bernedoodle Puppies, a breeder in Ottawa. The moment the breeder put him in my arms, we fell in love:) He is a sweet, affectionate, playful boy. He is also a sock thief so most often we take our socks off at the door to avoid being taken down. He likes to fall asleep in the girls room, with his human sisters Sienna (7) and Sydney (5). He then ends up in bed with Mom, which is the best thing ever!


Heather {editor’s note: that’s me!} gave me a sample bag of the food and Boomer tried it and seemed to love it. For the first number of months he had soft and runny poops and I started investigating into what is in regular everyday dog food. I didn’t like what I read. In any case, after just a few days of feeding Boomer Rayne food, his poops were perfect! If that’s not strange to say. He is energetic, happy and his poops look good so I feel like I’m doing all the right things, especially after learning more about Rayne’s ingredients.

We notice that when he misses a Rayne meal and we feed him the old stuff, it’s back to the runs. The Rayne food is obviously much better for his digestive system. We’d like to keep Boomie around for as long as possible and I believe diet is a huge factor in prolonging a doggie’s life. In addition to love and snuggles of course. 🙂

Thanks Rayne for helping us to keep our Boomie happy and healthy!


 Disclosure: This post is part of the ongoing pet focused series in our role as pet ambassadors for Rayne Clinical Nutrition.  To read more about our journey with Rayne, click here.  



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