Book Review: Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg

Words are powerful.

We all know how much I love to dive into a new book, but this one was different.  Why? Because of those powerful words on the cover…..

This book landed in my hands six weeks ago, and yet it wasn’t until the other day that I opened it up and promptly devoured it.  I mean that literally.  I read it in one four hour sitting, no bathroom breaks, no cuppa, nothing, just page turning and pure enjoyment.


book review did you ever have a family by bill clegg

Book Review: Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg Published by Simon & Schuster Canada

Why did it take me SO LONG to open the book up? The title.  Those words are powerful.  And after reading the book, there could be no better choice of words for the cover….they are in fact, that powerful in the book too.  Those six words appear quite late in the book, and when you read them the question is filled with so much of what you’ve just read that the weight of it really hits you.

That question, “do you have a family?”, is one I find hard to answer.  Because my answer is YES.  I have a beautiful family, my DH / partner in crime, and our boys.  And yes, by boys I mean our dogs.  But what most people want to know when they ask that question is if we have kids.  Which, regardless of how far I’ve come, is still a tough one for me.

So you can see why I hesitated to open this beautiful book.  But boy am I glad I did.  Because, in addition to being so wonderfully written with such an amazing cast of characters, this book told me what I already know.

Family is what you make it.

I loved every beautiful word in this book right from the start.  Each new chapter, a new chapter in our characters’ lives, captured me from the first sentence.  If you are looking for a very nontraditional story of love, this book will pleasantly surprise you.  I warn you though, make sure you have the time to devour it – you won’t want to put it down.


Disclosure:  Being a Simon & Schuster Advance Reader means I receive uncorrected advance reader proof copies of books every so often.  And every so often I really enjoy one of those books, so I decide to write a review post.  I’m not asked to do so, and I don’t get paid.  I do it because we should all read more:)…and it’s my website and I can do what I want:)

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