Responsible Dog Owners and what they look like

What does a responsible dog owner look like?

responsible dog owner

While we all have varying degrees of standards of what we find is and isn’t acceptable, there are some basics I think we can all agree on.  And if you don’t agree, clearly you’re wrong.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  When it comes to a dog’s health and happiness, I don’t mess around.

So, here are things a responsible dog owner does before even getting the pet:

  • research the breed to know what you are getting in for
    • reach out to people who have the same breed and ask them questions, like how much exercise do they need, are they good with kids, are they going to shed a lot?
  • think through budget and how much regular shots, food, grooming, beds, toys, etc are all going to cost.  If you can’t afford it, don’t.
  • make sure you have a plan for training
  • make sure you know where the dog will sleep, where crates will go, bowls etc before they get home
  • make sure you’ve decided on which vet you will use

hermann as puppy

(Hermann at 12 weeks.  We had him confined mostly to the kitchen in our first house – the floor was pee-perfect and easy to clean.  He LOVED empty pop bottles.)

little eddie

(When we got Eddie, Hermann was a bit unsure of it but now it’s all brotherly love.)

Once you’ve done all this and decided a dog is right for you, a responsible pet owner:

  • purchases their pet from a certified breeder or adopts them from a reputable agency

And now you’ve got a happy, healthy puppy at home.  And your heart melts.  And you loose lots of sleep, and a pair of shoes, and a carpet because it’s been pooped on one too many times for you to clean it again.  But your heart is melted so you don’t care.

melting hearts

see….heart melted!

And now you’re a responsible pet owner, because you:

  • give them fresh, clean water on a regular basis (in clean bowls!)
  • give them high quality food meeting their varying stages of nutritional needs (in clean bowls!)
  • give them plenty of exercise
  • give them soooo many hugs, and snuggles, and play fetch
  • take care of them if they are injured or sick
  • get them spayed or neutered if you aren’t a breeder (or working with a breeder)
  • celebrate their birthday’s each and every year

If you’re a responsible pet owner, high five to you. Your prize? The unconditional love of your animal.  Which is one of the greatest gifts on this earth.

 Disclosure: This post is part of the ongoing pet focused series in our role as pet ambassadors for Rayne Clinical Nutrition.  To read more about our journey with Rayne, click here.  

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