I’m McLovin’ the new #CertifiedMighty

You might have guessed this post has something to do with McDonald’s, and you’d be right.  McD’s is my guilty pleasure.  A pleasure I’m happy to indulge in and shout out loudly.  So when I was invited to join them at their Canadian head office for the launch of their new burger, I jumped.  I love burgers.  We all know this.

Certified Might Angus via @heathernheels

I also love Big Mac’s.  Anyone who has taken a road trip with me knows this.  I remember my first Big Mac ever…it was at the Eaton Centre.  I was in grade seven.  I was wearing leggings with lacy bottoms underneath denim shorts.  I was stylish.  It was my first taste of grown-up heaven, and to this day it remains my #1 Mc-Craving item.

Here’s the thing about me and food.  I love to cook, I love to make and eat healthy meals using whole ingredients.  I love choosing products from my province and country.  When I choose food, I choose Canadian.  Which is why when I choose fast-food, I choose McDonald’s.  It’s one of the few ‘fast-food’ options I ever indulge in.

everyone enjoying certified mighty via @heathernheels

Brace yourself, I’m climbing on a soapbox for a minute…..I’ve spent the majority of my career working with and for Canadian farmers and farming organizations.  I have never met a farmer I didn’t like.  I’ve never met a farmer who thought of farming as a job, only a way of life.  I’ve never met anyone who works harder than a farmer.  I’ve also never seen a job that so incredibly represents the best of working with your hands and the best of working with new technology simultaneously, as farming does.  So it’s important to me to support those who share in supporting our farmers, our food, and country.

McDonalds Canada beef from Canadian farms

McDonald’s Canada has sourced their beef exclusively from Canadian farms since 2003.  At that time they stood up (when many others didn’t) and declared unanimous support for the Canadian beef industry during a time of major crisis.  This means something to me and I can sure tell you it means something to Canada’s beef farmers. They do the same for Canadian chicken, and a good chunk of all their veggies.  But I digress…let’s talk BEEF! And that burger….

*she dismounts the soapbox gracefully in killer heels*

It’s SUCH. A. GOOD. BURGER.  It tastes like a backyard burger, except you get fries with it.  Mmmmm those fries……  It’s the caramelized onions on the burger that do it for me, they’re PERFECT.  Plus, let’s talk buns.  Their toasted sesame & poppy seed burger bun top and bottom are called the CROWN and HEEL.  I mean, come on! It’s just screaming for real women to chow down on it.




Disclosure: McD’s treated me to a delightful evening and a meal, and have compensated me for my time.  I ate the delicious burger entirely by myself and as a result formed my very own opinions to share with you.  I’m awesome like that:) 


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