Master Bedroom Reveal!

You guys!!!!!   It’s DONE!

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The master bedroom is finally ready for it’s big reveal.  BUT…before I get to that…..

Not only has this room needed some love for the whole seven plus years we’ve lived here, but it’s also our bedroom. Bedrooms are private.  You keep underwear in bedrooms, which means it’s private.  Yours and not for others.  (well, unless you’re into that kinda thing.  Whatever floats your boat….I don’t judge.  I just don’t share well.)

So you see, for me sharing this is a big deal …. but I honestly just HAD to.  Because it’s that friggin’ fabulous.  Plus, my lovely SIL gave me a good nudge:)


Let’s remember where we started.  Boring, beige, holes in walls, a queen sized headboard on a king sized bed, mismatched bed side tables, an unfinished closet area, and ugly weird sorta-sheer-not-the-right-length-at-all curtains, if you can call them that.  Oh, and let’s not forget the PINK ceiling fan, which in addition to being ugly was also too small for the room.


Now, with the most glorious navy blue walls, fresh white trim, windows, doors, and ceiling the room is PERFECT.

beautiful blue bedroom with white and metal accents via @heathernheels

Once the painting was done, including the side tables, the rest of the room came together rather easily.  The final item I needed to find was something for above the bed, which I found a few weekends ago in one of my favourite local antique shops.  It’s a vintage hand painted wooden tray.  And it was only $7!  I’ve popped more details about some of the other items at the bottom of the post:)

a master bedroom makeover via @heathernheels

ikea PAX closet system in blue bedroom via @heathernheels


The dresser and my vanity table are both from my Dede (my grandad who taught me to love art and would build things with me in his basement workshop).  They came to me when I was 19 and have been in every bedroom DH and I have ever shared, including our 425 square foot first apartment (which I loved!).

large master bedroom makeover navy blue via @heathernheels

mirros white navy blue master bedroom makeover via @heathernheels

and of course, the boys love the room too:)

navy blue and white bedroom makeover DIY via @heathernheels with cute dogs

Isn’t it fabulous?! I love the colour and can’t believe it took us this long to have a real grown up bedroom!:)  The soft beige and off whites of the room mixed with the glitz and glam of the mirrors and metals, it’s very grown up and slightly masculine.  A nice yin to the hot pink living room‘s yang:)


new linen headboard from Leons for master bedroom navy via @heathernheels

  • I stole the rug from the guestroom (which is headed for a makeover)
  • The curtains, Gluckstein Home, were on clearance at our local Home Outfitters, yahoo!
  • The new (to us) larger white ceiling fan was only $30 at the ReStore (we don’t have A/C, this bad boy saves us in the summer, and also now offers more light – double score)
  • I used old sheets as the closet door-ish, but mostly leave it open and think it looks rather nice the way it is….they’re hung on rods inside the closet
  • The white mirror was also stolen from the guestroom and installed on the wall
  • The headboard is from Leon’s
  • The wall colour is the perfect navy for a bedroom, PARA’s Breathtaking Views P5007-85
  • and every inch of white, ceiling included, was painted with PARA’s Whitewash White P2089-00

Update: I added this drum shade to the ceiling fan and am in love!

drum shade over ceiling fan via @heatherNheels navy master bedroom

Another Update!:) Check out the art that got hung above the bed:


Disclosure: As you know I am SO PLEASED to have been chosen as one of this year’s Para Paints #ParaBlogCrew members.  Para provides me with all the paint a girl can use (AWESOME!), however does not compensate me financially.  I love their paints and am delighted to fill my house with their amazing colours:) 


  1. by Karen on August 14, 2015  10:06 am Reply


    You have outdone your own decorating history ! Great job...snazzy, fresh, yet practical. I love that you've integrated the furniture pieces from your grandfather; that is really special. And that is a wonderful, energetic blue on the walls. AWESOME !
    In my own home, I am finding that dark wall colors are soooo easy to live with and decorate ; it's an adventure in color !

    Hugs from Karen from Rochester, NY

    • by Heather on August 14, 2015  11:14 am Reply

      thank you so much karen!:) and funny enough, my SIL (sister in law) also pointed out that one of the white side tables came from my other grandmother! made by my uncle - so it's a room filled with history:)

  2. by Julia at Home on 129 Acres on August 14, 2015  11:59 am Reply

    I might be biased, but I love the blue and the white and the natural wood. The story of the vanity and dresser is great. So nice that you've been able to use them.

    • by Heather on August 16, 2015  7:44 am Reply

      thanks so much Julia!:)

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