9 Reasons to celebrate your dog’s birthday

Today is our sweet Hermann’s 9th birthday!

first meeting Hermann

this is the first time we met our boy:) He was just 7 weeks old. It was the week before we got to pick up & take him home for good:)


And since the moment this little sweet thing came into our lives, I can’t imagine life without him.  Which is why we celebrate his birthday (and every day!).  Knowing how precious our time with our pets is, I’m a firm believer in celebrating their life.  And what better way than a birthday party!

I don’t mean loot bags, invited guests, or anything that crazy-dog-lady.   For us dog birthday celebrations involve new toys, nice bones to chew on, some extra love and affection (even though it’s never in short supply), and an acknowledgment of how much the dog brings to our life.

So in honour of the nine wonderful years our Hermann-Maier has enriched our life (and delighted his Instagram followers with his utter handsomeness)….

Here are my top 9 reasons for celebrating your dog’s birthday:

  1. It’s an excuse to add a few new toys to the collection (which means a trip to HomeSense!).
  2. Dogs love it when your voice gets all high pitched and excited, so saying “it’s your birthday!” like that makes you feel like they know what you’re saying (which Hermann does…because we’re convinced he’s human…).
  3. Recognizing how awesome someone else is, even with a hug is a nice thing to do.  Dogs love big ‘I’m going to hug you and squeeze you and love you forever’ hugs.  They do.  They told me.
  4. If you want to add in fun dog games, it’s a fun excuse to loose hours of your life on Pinterest pinning ideas you’ll never actually do.
  5. Dogs love you unconditionally, this should be celebrated (and reciprocated).
  6. It’s a great reason to take an extra long hike, or take them to their favourite swimming spot – fitness is everyone’s friend.
  7. Posting a cute photo of them to all your social media accounts, for things like #TBT or #FBF gets you lots of likes, which is always nice.
  8. A dog’s life is too short.  The love and joy they bring is more than the sum of their years. If you only had a dozen or so birthdays wouldn’t you want to make the most of them?!
  9. It’s a reason to celebrate life, and any reason is good enough for me!

party dog Hermann

Happy birthday sweet Hermann:)!

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 Disclosure: This post is part of the ongoing pet focused series in our role as pet ambassadors for Rayne Clinical Nutrition.  To read more about our journey with Rayne, click here.