Top 10 Tips for Garage Sale Success

Garage sales, yard sales, barn sales, whatever you want to call them are like cilantro.  You either love them or hate them.

I fall squarely into the love them category.  (as an aside, I also LOVE cilantro…)

I’ve found so many fabulous items for our home at garage sales, like the vintage ladder in our powder room, the skis in our kitchen, the bar cart in our dining room, or the fabulous chair just waiting to be re-covered.

garage sale chair find via @heathernheels

Over the years I’ve perfected the art of the garage sale hunt and here are my top ten tips:

  1. Have cash (might sound obvious, but honestly….if you lose out on something because you have to run to the bank machine you’ll be upset), including small change.
  2. If you know you’ll be waiting in line to get in (like some larger barn sales in the country), be sure to have a hat and wear sunscreen (and maybe bug spray)
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure your hands are free (i.e. no annoying handbag)
  4. Bartering is always an option.  Unless it’s an obvious steal, I always suggest a lower price and I’d say I get it 90% of the time.
  5. Think ahead about things you’re on the hunt for, make a list, and take any measurements you might need. (and don’t forget to bring the tape measure with you!)
  6. If it’s a multi-sale expedition, be sure to bring some water and snacks for the car.
  7. Take a friend.  It’s always easier to carry big stuff and it’s more fun!:)
  8. Don’t take your husband;)  At least, this is my rule of thumb….feel free to manage your marriage any way you please:)
  9. Think beyond what you see.  With a little paint, new fabric, a good cleaning, or a little inspiration lots of things can see new life.  You just need to see it. (like the toilet paper holder in our bathroom…)
  10. Have fun and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!
  11. Good luck and happy garage sale-ing!

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